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Formal Bonding Submission Checklist

Surety bonds are a form of credit.  All documents that we request play an integral part of the prequalification process in establishing this credit for you.  The more information we are able to obtain up front the quicker and better we can service your needs.  Please complete and provide the following items:

Contractor Questionnaire

This document provides us with essential information about your business. Necessary ownership, banking, accounting, reference and job history information is compiled into one easy to complete format.

Personal Financial Statement

This information is necessary in order to evaluate the complete financial picture. In addition, some surety companies will include personal net worth when considering surety credit for an account.

Word on Hand

This form provides a surety company an overview of current projects. The surety can determine back log, profit margins, and progress of open jobs with a thoroughly completed work on hand schedule.

 Bond Request Form

Bidding a job and need a bid bond? Have you already been awarded a job and have an outstanding performance/payment bond that you need? Complete this form and return to our office along with a copy of the contract or invitation to bid.

Job Cost Breakdown

This form may be required by your bonding company to better review the details of your estimate. 

Bank Reference Letter

This letter should be obtained from your financial institution and placed on their letterhead. It simply needs to verify the relationship, outline any existing lines of credit (limits, terms and available balances), and 12-month average balances for all cash accounts.

Current Certificate of Insurance

This can be obtained from your insurance agent. It provides us a glimpse of your current insurance coverage.